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Concrete In Process

Maintaining your concrete surfaces

Concrete as a whole is a very durable and reliable surface when the subject of maintaining concrete arises you wouldn’t be the only person out there to consider what the point of maintaining it is. As a whole, it is a very long lasting product without maintenance. This is why it is so widely used for driveways, patios and other surfaces around the house. Keeping on top of the maintenance of your concrete can really help maintain the beauty of your concrete: plain concrete can maintain a clean and bright look, instead of being oil stained and grimy and decorative concrete can maintain its looks for years and still provide the visual pleasures it was designed to do. If you correctly maintain your concrete it can protect the investment that you have made in concrete, especially if you have poured decorative concrete somewhere around your house.

Cleaning concrete

The simplest form of maintaining your concrete is to keep it clean, generally, a pressure washer of some sort is the best option for this. Having your concrete sealed is also a great thing and I will talk about that in the next paragraph. Concrete cleaning can be fairly pricey to do properly as the cost of the equipment required to do the best job is fairly high. If you are wanting to do the clean yourself you will need to make sure you have the right equipment. We would recommend that you clean it on at least a once a year basis, doing this will ensure you remove normal dirt and grime build up as well as any other stains that may develop. A suitable pressure washer will do the trick, ensure that you take your time and really thoroughly clean the entirety of the concrete. It is best if you dedicate a good amount of time and block it out in sections to do the

cleaning. Generally what I do is I hire a company that clean all the concrete in my backyard and also do my driveway at the same time. The cost ends up being very much worth it.


You will want to make sure you seal your concrete after the washing is done, this will include repairing any cracks that have formed in your concrete. If you seal everything well the sealant will act as a means of repelling water, dust proofing the surface, providing resistance to abrasion and it also can make the concrete resistant to UV sunlight. The sealant can be applied in a thin coat with a roller or a sprayer. Once the first coat has dried you should apply a second coat and once that is dried you are all set.

Concrete maintenance is important and pretty simple to do.