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Beautiful Beach House

Home improvement ideas for your beach house

  1. Open porch- Transform your porch into a cozy place to sit and relax by adding keeping it open and adding some colorful beach colored décor. Add a colorful rug as a bonus, as a disguise to all the dirt that might be collected on the carpet.
  2. Ship-themed bathroom- Add some fun into your bathroom by adding ship-themed décor and colors into it. If you want to go the extra mile, add a ship shaped bathtub or wash basin bowl. Put a ship wheel on the wall and add some ship-wreck themed pictures for the complete feel.
  3. Be cautious- Remember to use water-friendly material on as many things in the house as possible. This will make cleaning much less tougher and even give you an extra feel of the beach. Try using rattan, wicker or bamboo pieces around the house for the feel.
  4. Stick to pastel colors– Stick to pastel colors such as breezy blue, pink, green for a calm and sunny look. Imagine a couch by the window, whose curtains are of pastel blue with minimalistic design in white, the couch in a mix of pastel yellow, pink, red and blue colors with pillows stacked up and teapoy by the side. The summertime look, you get from these colors gives a delightful feel.sunset_beach_house
  5. Antique décor- Find retro-clothing, vintage furniture and decorative pieces to get a ship-wreck theme or an antique theme for the house. You can find several DIY tutorials on such décor.
  6. Pay attention to the details- Add colorful knick-knacks around the house, in places such as the cupboards, near the television set, drawers or on the tables. If you are going with a ship-themed house, look for nautical souvenirs and art work for a complete look.
  7. Add wallpapers- Add seascape or beach wallpapers to get the complete sunny beach look to your house. If you are going for a different theme, add wallpapers related to that team, as wallpapers transform the look of your house. For example, if you are going with a bright colored theme, look up some subtle flower wallpaper.
  8. Paintings and art work- Seascape paintings, artwork and photographs have been a favorite subject for artists since a long time. Frame some of these photographs and add some paintings for some artsy look in your beach house. You can think of fun ways to frame the photographs, there will be several tutorials available online.
  9. Headboards and bed décor- Add some pastel colored breezy headboards in your bedroom with nicely set pillows and sheets for a calm beachy feel. To add an extra touch bring small framed water-paintings for a minimalistic feel.
  10. Carpet cleaning is something you should do on a regular basis to give that fresh look and to reduce odors and stains.
  11. Get your local electrician to install soft downlights to give your space a warm and relaxed feel. Setting the mood is an important part fo creating the right vibe for the room.