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Safety, our number one priority

In any workplace the most important thing should always be the workers, yes you want to make a profit, yes you want to have good productivity and there is a lot of other things you want to go right for your company. None of this is possible if your workers are injured, however, someone that has injured themselves at work is the worst part about owning a business. No one should ever get hurt at work, everything should be done to minimise the risk of this ever happening. Our worker’s safety is the first thing on our mind, always.

Our mission:

This article isn’t going to be a long one, we aren’t here to outline all of our safety practices, I am just writing this and it may seem like an obvious thing for people to say. Safety is our number one priority. We would never want one of our workers to get injured or god forbid something worse to happen to them at work. Families shouldn’t have to worry about their loved ones being unsafe at work.

We have a very well laid out safety plan and we have detailed information about all the chemicals we use. Everything is stored in appropriate cabinets, safety equipment is used when required and we review our safety policies constantly. We always listen to our workers and any concerns that they may have. Our motto is: mission first, safety always. We love our workers and would do anything to make sure our workplace is one of the safest in the country.

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